Strive SC is an online strength and conditioning service geared towards the fitness as a sport athlete.

We design individualized exercise programs for the competitive athlete or someone who is looking to become competitive.

2018 was our first year working with athletes, and we qualified two athletes to the CrossFit Games South Regional and had a masters athlete finish 30th in the world in her age group! We also helped an athlete who has never finished inside the top 1,000 in the South Central in the last six years finally get there with a top 50 finish in week three and a top 100 finish in week 1.

We are different than most programs in that we have relationships with every person we work with. Text or calls as much as needed as well as check-ups through our programming system daily. We program based on each athletes weaknesses and then off our current cycle. With this type of format, we can help each athlete improve across the board in all aspects.

Even Tiger Woods has someone watch him swing and help him on the golf course. Having someone to communicate with you through your week, watch a video or strategize workouts will do significantly more for an athletes progression than following a free program online.

If you are interested in more information, shoot me an email:



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